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  Welcome to Skip Locators
​Do you need to locate seriously past due debtors ?

Professional and experienced " Skip Tracers " are here to help you.

We helped successfully Car Dealers, Banks & Finance Companies.

Additional Service:

Field Calls to debtor's residence in San Diego, California.
This service consist of sending one of our field representatives to your  
debtor's residence to perform any of the following actions:  

 1.  Face to Face Interview-Conveys a message to call you immediately.
 2.  Verification of  Occupancy-Verifies debtor's residence. 
 3.  Physical Presence-Adds a" Higher Repayment Priority " to your debt.
 4.  A "Door Knocker Notice" will be left  in case there's no answer at the door.

Business Hours
Monday-Friday 9AM-6PM PST

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